About Us

Since 1992, the construction company Pagnotta Inc. has been involved in building commercial and multiunit buildings. Over the years they invested in land for equipment storage and individual condos from the developers they were working for. They also invested as equity partners in real estate developments. In some instances, they took over projects that were under duress and successfully completed them as lead developer. Pagnotta Inc. also developed their own office and commercial complex.

With all these opportunities and investments, Pagnotta Inc. realized they needed to manage the accumulated real estate and investments as a focused entity. In 2017, Pagnotta Inc. established Pagaro as a privately held investment and property asset management company.

Adhering to the same core values as our parent company, Pagaro operates on a long-term hold philosophy- developing and managing investment, commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Brand Statement

Pagaro is a privately held Investment and property asset management company. Through our tenant focused approach we acquire, develop and manage real estate investments. Our high performing team and well managed properties deliver quality spaces and exceptional tenant experience.

Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Family Residential Properties

Pagaro invests in commercial, industrial and multi-family residential properties and is the property manager of all the real estate holdings. The investment side has a variety of different ownership structures that include the purchase of existing developed properties, and/or land acquisition and then design and build.


Our Core Values

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We want everyone to feel safe on our properties, whether as a resident, tenant, employee, or guest. By holding ourselves accountable we are constantly striving to excel in safety to ensure our properties are amongst the safest in the industry.

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As a company and as individuals, we always take ownership for our actions. We believe that honesty and transparency translate to long-term reliability. This is why the people and companies we work with know they can depend on us.

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In the office, on our properties and in our communities, our people take charge. We constantly look for opportunities to improve our practices and affect positive change. Leadership starts with taking initiative.

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Is the standard we hold ourselves to. Our properties meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and workmanship. Our tenants and clients deserve to have the best experience and results in each and every project.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our company was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we know there’s always a better way to do things. It’s not enough to be content with the status quo. We are always ready to learn, adapt and grow.

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Commitment to Learning

Our people are worth investing in and we focus on supporting our employees’ professional and personal growth. We are here to help build up the people who have contributed to the success of our company.

Our People


VP Investment & Asset Management

Leo comes to Pagnotta from a 25-year commercial banking background specializing in mid market commercial real estate. He has financed over $1 billion in real estate in Western Canada. Leo has a Bachelors of Commerce in Management and Finance from the University of Lethbridge and holds a CFP® Designation.


Property Manager of Pagaro

Kolby Dias is a skilled professional who holds over 7 years of experience in the construction and oil and gas industry. She is currently the Property Manager of Pagaro. Before being named Property Manager in April 2021, Kolby was busy working in Pagnotta’s construction division as a Project Coordinator.